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Wordscape Online Party 2.85

Enjoy this great and entertaining word and mind challenge
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A word challenge and mind knowledge game. This game will bring you a great entertainment where the main objective is to select words from the letters provided in your board. In this game you must compete versus other players in order to form big words with the letters on the screen. Each will have a turn to select a word; you must try to form big words with some letters checking the letters with more score points. Some letter are not available, they must be free on the top to be selected. To select a word you must spell the word selecting the letters in order, if the word is correct you will accumulate the points on your screen. If you don't find a word you can pass or flip. The fist player to reach 300 points is the winner. Some tiles and letters have bonuses like 2x or 3x, some are green or blue and each has different bonus score points. The game allows you to play classic mode or party mode, which is versus 5 other challengers. In order to play all you need is your mouse, move your mouse over the letter of your selection and press left mouse button to select.

Birgilio Rivera
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